The base price listed for the buildings include the following standard features:

Our builds are built on 4X4 pressure treated skids, placed on 4X8X16” blocks and leveled.

Pressure treated floor joist spaced 12” on center

¾ tongue and groove sub floor.

Your chose of exterior plywood panel siding, Rated for exterior use with a woodgrain texture and an attractive groove pattern.

Smart siding 3/8” cedar texture, 8 in OC grove or T1-11 5/8” rough cut textured, 8 in OC groove.

Double doors with 6’ piano hinges and heavy duty hasp. Your chose for the opening width is 4’, 5’ or 5’6” when both doors are open.

2”Continuous Soffit Vent along the eaves and aluminum ridge vent on the roof to circulate the air through the building.

3 Tab Roofing Shingles are standard on the buildings; color choses are Weathered gray, Nickel gray, Golden gray, Autumn brown, Ash brown, Charcoal, Cypress tan or Russet red.

Outback Storage Buildings offer a wide variety of options to customize your storage building to fit your needs.