Customize Your West Point Shed

A traditional looking storage building with the door on the gable end. The six foot side walls keep the buildings height properly proportioned for your back yard. Window can be added to the front of the 12′ and 16′ wide buildings, and can be placed on the side and back walls of any size building. This model is one of the most popular storage building variation sold by us!

*Basic Building without extra options displayed here.

Customize Your Summerville Shed

The Summerville has a gable roof with 7ft front & back walls. The front & back eaves have a 1ft overhang. This model has its own set of options that differ from the others, so you can go through all of the options and make this beautiful shed just the way you like it!

*Basic Building without extra options displayed here.

Customize Your Blue Ridge Shed

The Blue Ridge will be your building of chose if you like the advantage of the Barn style roof but need to keep the overall height low. The Blue Ridge has four foot side walls but the steep angle of the roof provides plenty of head room. Standing one foot from the side wall the height inside the building is seven foot nine inches.

A loft in the Blue Ridge is easily reached and greatly increases the storage area.

*Basic Options shown in this picture.

Customize Your Ultimate Dream She Shed

Chose one of existing models and accessorize it with options that you would like or tell us what your dreaming of and let us build it for you. She sheds can be made by adding some of our options to one of our existing models or by starting for scratch with your ideals and plan.

* Basic Options Shown in Image. The sky is the limit with this one!

Customize Your Ultimate Big Barn

The big barn have eight foot walls and a second floor. Access to the second floor is by a set of stairs placed in the inside corner of the building. The base building comes with four windows, a steel walk through door and a set of our double doors in the end of the building.

* Basic Options Shown in Image.

Customize Your Asheville Shed

If you need extra storage space in your storage building this is the building you are looking for.  Add an optional loft section to the Ashville and you can store a lot of the items that are taking up room in your house or garage without giving up floor space below.

The Ashville has the barn style roof with six foot side walls. With the barn style roof you get a lot of clear overhead space if you use it as a work shop.

*Fully Customized Building Displayed Here.

Customize Your Garage

Our garage options come in a variety of sizes and shapes; as well as garage door options. 8ft interior height with 16inch on center wall framing. 12inch soffit and eave overhang.

Soffit and ridge vents included. Standard 3 tab shingles with felt.

All garages come with the standard 9X7 or 16X7 garage doors.

*Basic Options shown in this picture.


Welcome to Outback Storage Buildings! I started building wooden storage buildings in 1996 after spending three years learning the trade. I recently retired from The City of Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department as a Captain with 28 years of service. I would build the buildings on my off days from the Fire Department. I have improved my building method through the years to make the most efficient use of materials to keep the price of the storage Buildings as low as possible. Outback Storage Buildings offer three base models with options in the sidewall height of the buildings.

Outback Storage Buildings also offers a “Big Barn” with a second floor, “She sheds” and detached garages.
Outback Storage Buildings will also work with you on a completely custom design for you. If you have an ideal, plan or picture we can make it happen.
Give me a call at 770 301 5910 with any questions. I look forward to helping you with your storage needs whether it be with a shed, big Barn, garage or a completely custom design.

Feel free to also check out our facebook.


The base price listed for the buildings include the following standard features:

Our builds are built on 4X4 pressure treated skids, placed on 4X8X16” blocks and leveled.

Pressure treated floor joist spaced 12” on center

¾ tongue and groove sub floor.

Your chose of exterior plywood panel siding, Rated for exterior use with a woodgrain texture and an attractive groove pattern.

Smart siding 3/8” cedar texture, 8 in OC grove or T1-11 5/8” rough cut textured, 8 in OC groove.

Double doors with 6’ piano hinges and heavy duty hasp. Your chose for the opening width is 4’, 5’ or 5’6” when both doors are open.

2”Continuous Soffit Vent along the eaves and aluminum ridge vent on the roof to circulate the air through the building.

3 Tab Roofing Shingles are standard on the buildings; color choses are Weathered gray, Nickel gray, Golden gray, Autumn brown, Ash brown, Charcoal, Cypress tan or Russet red.

Outback Storage Buildings offer a wide variety of options to customize your storage building to fit your needs.